Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Random Thought: Persons with Disabilities

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 We often name our president "abnoy" or "abnormal", to mock him because of his "incompetency" with regards to dealing with the crisis and disasters that come in our country.  For others, they think this is okay or it doesn't affect them much, but for me, these words are actually offensive. Not because i am his fan, but because these words are really offensive especially to parents of disabled children. I know I cant make other people comply with my way of thinking but it actually hurts so much whenever I hear those words. On the political perspective, I don't accept Kris Aquino, the President's Popular talk show host/actress sister running for any political position, but as a mother, I admire her so much because she was able to raise her son JOSH (which as we all know, was diagnosed with ADHD and Autism) well, gave him everything he needs, not being ashamed of having such a child, and giving her son much love and being proud of him, and I admire her family as well, they really loved josh as much as they love Bimby, they're not ashamed of having him as nephew. In the medical setting, we don't call the "abnormal" people abnormal or retarded or worse, mongoloid, we pertain to them as "mentally challenged", "PWD", "people with special needs". I wish people would be word-sensitive and choose words carefully when pertaining to those people.. and I hope when you attack the incompetence of the President, please leave the "abnormal" topic, especially his nephew alone.. We could criticize him by his performance and not by his nephew's condition. Not being Self-righteous here, but we should bear in mind that there are people who are actually having this condition and mocking them will not help them as a person. Instead, we should try to uplift their self- esteem by letting them feel that they are accepted in the society, and see their potentials despite their insufficiency.  Plus, being around kids with special needs, I have proven that they are really compassionate, kind, friendly, solicitous and warm despite the disability. Just my two cents.


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